Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil
Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil
Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil


Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

Lightweight cleansing oil with centella that effortlessly removes make-up and sunscreen.

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Introducing SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil, a lightweight yet nourishing cleansing experience designed to remove make-up or sunscreen effortlessly. Enriched with the natural goodness of Madagascar Centella Asiatica, this cleansing oil turns deliciously milky when it gets emulsified, and washes off like a dream.

This unique formula harnesses the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Centella Asiatica, perfect for calming sensitive or irritated skin. As you massage this light cleansing oil onto your skin, it not only dissolves makeup and grime but also nourishes with the beneficial components of Centella Asiatica, promoting a healthier complexion.

Experience the purity of Madagascar's natural bounty in every drop as this cleansing oil provides a thorough cleanse without stripping your skin of essential moisture. Elevate your cleansing ritual with SKIN1004, where the essence of Centella Asiatica meets effective and gentle skincare.

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