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Ginseng Moist Sun Serum
Beauty of JoseonGinseng Moist Sun Serum
Sale price22,95 €
459,00 € /l
Der Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice+ Probiotics Sunscreen vor hellgrauem Hintergrund.
Beauty of JoseonRelief Sun : Rice + Probiotics
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
Sale price20,95 €
419,00 € /l
Revive Eye Serum : Ginseng + Retinal
Beauty of JoseonRevive Eye Serum : Ginseng + Retinal
Sale price20,95 €
698,33 € /l
Matte Sun Stick : Mugwort + Camelia
Beauty of JoseonMatte Sun Stick : Mugwort + Camelia
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Sale price19,95 €
1.108,33 € /kg
Radiance Cleansing Balm
Beauty of JoseonRadiance Cleansing Balm
Sale price24,95 €
249,50 € /l
Ginseng Cleansing Oil
Beauty of JoseonGinseng Cleansing Oil
Sale price22,95 €
109,29 € /l
Red Bean Water Gel
Beauty of JoseonRed Bean Water Gel
Sale price19,95 €
199,50 € /l
Centella Asiatica Calming Mask
Beauty of JoseonCentella Asiatica Calming Mask
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Sale price2,95 €
1,18 € /10ml
Green Plum Refreshing Toner : AHA + BHA
Sold out
Ginseng Essence Water
Beauty of JoseonGinseng Essence Water
Sale price22,95 €
153,00 € /l
Sold out
Glow Deep Serum: Rice + Arbutin
Beauty of JoseonGlow Deep Serum: Rice + Arbutin
Sale price21,95 €
731,67 € /l

Beauty of Joseon: Hanbang in a modern way

Hanbang is a traditional Korean herbal medicine that represents a holistic way of life and is reflected in many aspects of Korean culture. The general idea behind hanbang stems from the concept of yin and yang, which describes the balance of opposites. Accordingly, a healthy body must be in balance and harmony.

Hanbang skin care contains ingredients from this traditional herbal medicine as well as traditional manufacturing processes such as fermentation. The aim is to bring the skin health, including the skin barrier, into balance.

Beauty of Joseon focuses on three Hanbang ingredients in their skincare: ginseng, green plum and rice. Ginseng has long been recognized as a health-promoting herbal remedy in Korean history. It contains biologically active components called ginsenosides, which have powerful antioxidant properties. Ginsenosides help prevent premature skin aging and protect the skin from environmental influences. The green plum, on the other hand, contains natural AHA and gently removes dead skin cells. And rice, rich in amino acids and minerals, moisturizes dry skin and soothes sensitive skin.

Is Beauty of Joseon cruelty-free?

The brand has confirmed that they do not test on animals themselves and do not commission third parties to do so. Some of their products are also vegan-friendly, including Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics SPF50+, Radiance Cleansing Balm, Ginseng Essence Water, Glow Deep Serum and the Centella Asiatica Calming Mask.

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