Green Calm Aqua Cream
Green Calm Aqua Cream
Green Calm Aqua Cream
Green Calm Aqua Cream


Green Calm Aqua Cream

Calming and hydrating gel cream with 30% of a plant extract blend and 5% D-panthenol.

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Kaine’s Green Calm Aqua Cream is an oasis for your skin barrier in a jar. Formulated with 30% of a green calm complex, a blend of soothing botanical extracts, this lightweight gel cream provides instant relief for irritation or redness while delivering a surge of hydration.

5% D-panthenol helps to moisturize, soothe, and promote skin barrier repair, and squalane moisturizes without being heavy. Perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin, its non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving behind a cooling sensation and a hydrated, healthy feeling.

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