Beta-Glucan in Hautpflege: Ein umfassender Leitfaden

Beta-Glucan: Skincare Benefits

Beta-glucan is a versatile and natural ingredient derived from yeast, mushrooms, algae or oats. It has remarkable skin-soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Studies show that it can help reduce the depth of wrinkles and combat other signs of ageing. Due to its good tolerability, it is often used in skin care products to promote skin health.

Beta-Glucan at a Glance

  • Production: Extracted from natural sources such as yeast, fungi, seaweed, or oats.
  • Effect on the Skin: It has skin-soothing properties, reduces redness, provides moisture, and possesses antioxidant properties that counteract signs of skin aging.
  • Ideal for: Particularly beneficial for people with sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin, or skin prone to redness and irritation.
  • Interesting Fact: Despite its large molecular structure, it can penetrate the skin barrier and reach deeper skin layers.

The Effects of Beta-Glucan

Beta-Glucan is a complex polysaccharide that possesses a variety of skin-friendly properties. Here are the key effects:

  • Antioxidant Properties: Neutralizes free radicals caused by UV radiation and environmental pollution, protecting skin cells from oxidative stress and premature aging.
  • Moisturizing: Forms a protective film on the skin surface that minimizes moisture loss and keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. It penetrates deeply into the skin, providing moisture to the lower skin layers.
  • Wound Healing: Promotes wound healing by stimulating fibroblast proliferation and collagen production. It improves skin regeneration and reduces scar formation.
  • Skin Soothing: It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness and irritation, making it an ideal ingredient for sensitive and problematic skin.

The Proper Use of Beta-Glucan

  • Frequency of Application: Can be applied daily, both in the morning and evening, for best results.
  • Concentration: In skincare products, the optimal concentration of Beta-Glucan is typically up to 1%. Higher concentrations can vary depending on the product and application area.
  • Combination: Can be easily combined with all other active ingredients or substances.

What is Beta-Glucan?

Beta-Glucan is a polysaccharide composed of glucose polymers. It has a unique structure with 1,3- and 1,4-glycosidic bonds, which determine its biological properties. This structure allows Beta-Glucan to exert a variety of effects on the skin, including providing moisture, protecting against free radicals, and promoting wound healing.

Does Beta-Glucan Have Side Effects?

Beta-Glucan is very well tolerated and has a low risk of side effects. It is hypoallergenic and therefore also suitable for sensitive skin types. In general, it is considered safe and effective in skincare.

The Connection Between Beta-Glucan and Oats

Beta-Glucan derived from oats is particularly effective due to its high purity and specific molecular structure. It has been shown that oat Beta-Glucan can penetrate deep into the skin and promote skin regeneration and collagen synthesis. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother and younger appearance.

Conclusion: The All-Rounder for Your Skin

Beta-Glucan is a remarkable ingredient in skincare that offers a variety of benefits. From reducing wrinkles to promoting wound healing to soothing sensitive skin – this ingredient is a true all-rounder and a valuable element for healthy and radiant skin.


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