Die beste Hautpflege für Männer

The best skin care for men

Give us a chance to convince you about skincare and why it's definitely worth your time. Learn why skincare isn't superficial and how to best care for your beard. It doesn't have to be complicated and your masculinity doesn't get lost in the process.

Give us a chance to convince you about skincare and why it's definitely worth your time. Learn why skincare isn't superficial and how to best care for your beard. It doesn't have to be complicated and your masculinity doesn't get lost in the process.

Skin care is sexy and masculine.

#1 No difference to women

The skin of women and men differ: men's skin is on average 20 percent thicker, tends to produce more sebum and usually has more texture. Men also have thicker facial hair.

So special skin care for men sounds sensible, right? Wrong, because this is just marketing! Because mostly men's care differs only on the basis of the advertising, the packaging and the perfume. This also applies to the popular beard care products.

Facial care does not depend on gender. Men struggle with the same skin concerns and skin diseases as women. In the end, you should use the products that are effective for your skin and good for you.

#2 Skin care is not superficial

Your skin should be a priority because this important organ does so much for you. It is, among other things, a protective barrier against mechanical, thermal and physical injuries and harmful substances. Your skin prevents the loss of moisture and reduces the effects of UV radiation. It is also an important sensory organ, helps regulate temperature and produces vitamin D.

Apart from that, skin is one of the most important features of a person's appearance. Unfortunately, many people know how psychologically stressful and painful unhealthy skin can be.

Fortunately, more and more people are prioritizing their own health over time, but skin health is often overlooked. Therefore, it is time that healthy skin also moved more into the focus of our minds. Instead of punishing blemishes with aggressive skin care, let's ask ourselves what our skin needs to heal.

And in case you still don't know: We personally find a man who feels good in his own skin and whose skin feels good to be particularly sexy. And a lot more attractive than a man who is too manly for skin care.

Skin care is - pun intended - not superficial.

#3 Don't forget beard grooming

The beard also needs care and especially the skin under the beard. This does not have to be complicated and does not require any extra beard care. Using skin care on your beard can improve the appearance of your beard and help keep it feeling soft and healthy.

Don't worry, it doesn't have to take much time and it's easy. Paying some attention to the skin underneath your beard is the first step to a good-looking and good-feeling beard.

Cleaning your beard is just as important as cleaning your face, especially if you use styling products on your beard. But even without styling products, oil and sweat can accumulate in the beard. This can clog the pores underneath and make your beard look dull.

Using a harsh shampoo on your beard can dry out the skin under the beard and cause dandruff. It's not complicated, just use your facial cleanser on your beard every morning and evening as well. So easy, and no beard shampoo needed!

To avoid leaving your beard feeling dry and scabbed, let's talk about post-cleansing beard care. Unlike scalp hair, beard hair tends to have a coarser, often thicker texture that requires more maintenance than just a quick shampoo and rinse.

Day and night moisturizing should be an important part of your daily skincare routine. The skin under your beard is no different in this regard. Depending on your skin needs, you can simply use your regular facial moisturizer on your beard. If your beard is on the dry side, use a richer moisturizer. However, don't apply too much at once or the skin care product will build up in your beard.

To increase the softness of the beard, make it look healthier and for anyone who kisses you, you can use oil in your beard. However, most beard oils are heavily perfumed and can be very irritating. While the fragrances don't harm the beard itself, if they reach the skin underneath they can cause redness, dandruff, and itching. That's why we advise against most beard oils.

Again, it's super simple: A good facial oil with soothing properties is even better for your beard. Use a small amount to begin with, you can always add more if needed.

A chemical peel (AHA/BHA) is also ideal, as this prevents ingrown hairs and removes dandruff. A liquid scrub that you apply to the beard area and rub into the skin underneath is ideal. Of course, you can also apply it to the rest of your face. It's easy to use and feels light.

Beard itchiness can be the result of harsh cleansing gel or shampoo, but it can also be the result of dryness. Try a soothing serum that will also help your skin restore its natural barrier.

#4 Men get skin cancer too

80% of visible skin aging is due to UV light, which is reflected in wrinkles, textured skin and uneven pigmentation. And oh yes, sun exposure can also cause sunburn and skin cancer.

Dermatologists therefore recommend applying sunscreen every day, not just when you are in direct sunlight. The sun's UV rays penetrate the windows of your home, your car, and even airplane windows. UV rays can even penetrate clouds. Applying sunscreen should therefore definitely be part of your daily morning routine.


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