5 Fehler, die du beim Waschen deines Gesichtes vermeiden solltest

5 mistakes to avoid when washing your face

The techniques and products you use make a big difference in how well you remove makeup, skincare like sunscreen, and the dirt of the day. But also how healthy your skin looks and feels afterwards.
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Washing your face is the most basic and essential step of any routine. It's also seemingly the easiest step in your routine. That's true, and yet it's so easy to get it wrong.

The techniques and products you use make a big difference in how thoroughly makeup, skincare, sunscreen, and dirt is removed. But also how healthy your skin looks and feels afterwards. Here are the five most common mistakes you're likely to make when washing your face.

#1 You are not gentle enough

Over the years it shows how gentle you are with your skin. Strong scrubbing or pulling on the skin can lead to premature skin aging and sensitivity. Therefore, be gentle on your skin when cleaning, especially around the sensitive eye area. This keeps the skin around the eyes firm and fresh for longer.

We therefore also advise against physical peelings, as they tend to be very rough on the skin. You know physical peelings as sugar or salt peelings, peelings with sand or pieces of nuts, but also in the form of brushes or sponges. Using these physical scrubs incorrectly can have serious consequences for your skin. Using physical scrubs too often or scrubbing too hard can lead to red, inflamed, and irritated skin. It can weaken the skin barrier and can promote pimples and inflammation. Never use scrubs with walnut shells or pieces of apricot pit, as these have irregular, sharp edges and can lead to invisible cuts in the skin. We recommend exfoliating with AHA, BHA or PHA, as these can also prevent impurities and skin aging.

Cleaning wipes are also not very gentle on the skin, tempt you to pull on the skin and are usually particularly rough when used in the eye area. That being said, they don't remove makeup, they just slide it around on the skin, which is a good lead-in to the next point.

#2 You don't clean thoroughly enough

This applies in particular to make-up and sun protection. Poor cleaning can lead to visibly enlarged pores, blackheads and acne. However, this does not mean that your skin should be tight after cleaning, because even mild cleansers clean thoroughly if used correctly. Take enough time for this step of your care routine, making sure that the cleanser does not dry on your skin too much. If you find makeup residue on your towel or face after you clean your face, you know you haven't been thorough enough.

To make sure you've cleaned thoroughly enough, try a double cleaning. You start with a cleansing oil and then you use a water-based wash gel or a cream cleanser. After a thorough double cleansing, your face should be free of makeup and sunscreen. Our most popular cleansing oils are Purito's From Green Cleansing Oil and iUNIK's Calendula Cleansing Oil .

#3 You wash your face too often

Washing your face too often can weaken the skin's natural protective barrier. This makes your skin more vulnerable to environmental factors, moisture loss and skin aging.

We recommend washing your skin in the morning and evening. For very dry or damaged, sensitive skin, a little lukewarm water is sufficient for cleaning in the morning. Unless you exercise and sweat a lot, then use a particularly mild cleanser after exercise.

#4 You are using the wrong wash gel

Shower gel, shampoo or hand soap have no place on your face! These products contain a large amount of harsh detergents, perfume, and ingredients that are not suitable for your face.

On the other hand, use a mild, only slightly to unscented and moisturizing gel cleanser or cream cleanser. And try the double cleaning mentioned above.

#5 You use water that is way too hot

Warm water is especially nice in winter, but when the water is too hot it can be very drying and rob the skin of its natural oils and moisture. When skin is dry and dehydrated, this can in turn lead to inflammation and redness, especially in people with sensitive skin. Use lukewarm water instead.

Our goal is to maintain a healthy skin barrier!

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